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May 4, 2009


Well, I’ve been back to Funny Women at Komedia thanks to the kind invitation from Lucy & Lynne.  Kudos to Maria Vagen who really deserved to win.  She was far and above the best act.  It was also interesting to see another girl do a near exact copy of an Andy Kaufman “Latka” routine from the ‘70’s.


The venue was packed this year; however, a room filled mostly with lesbians makes for an unreceptive audience when one is singing about the joys of a vibrator…  I know that some people appreciate the humour as I have actually heard the laughs when I’ve done this bit at parties; but Lucy’s advice is to give up the props and move on to something more real.  Hmmm… I was really just going for a laugh.



April 17, 2008


Did the stand up routine again in Brighton for the Funny Women competition at the Komedia.  Had a good time and felt there was rather a lot of camaraderie given that it was in fact a competition.  Of course, most of the others seemed to do this on a regular basis, but also confirmed that there is naught money to be made in it.  Aaahhh to be free of the necessity of paying monthly bills…


I was happy to see people from work in the audience who gave good vibes and got a good response despite having to skip over a lot of material because I couldn't judge the time left very well.  Suddenly saw a red light and didn't know how stale it was so did one last joke and got off...



February 2nd, 2008


After a couple of weeks practice and a good initial run for a friend from the hotel, I did the stand-up competition at the Meadow Bar yesterday.  Five minutes of protagonism in a room full Scots there to see friends they knew.


Didn't pass the "heat" but did get laughs - until I imitated tofts, or perhaps did I strike too close to the bone when I spoke of potato eaters?  Anyway, I did get thumbs up from the "compere" and an invitation for further bits from the organiser so not a complete failure of face despite loosing to local boys.  I’m not even very bothered about it as I know the most voted act directly quoted Back to the Future for it’s biggest laughs – there’s originality for you.


Of course, it was pointed out to me that many men in the audience may have found it difficult to look at a member larger than their own for a whole five consecutive minutes.  Don’t know what that means?  You’ll have to see it next time there’s a competition on.